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Game Developer specialized in Game Design



Since 2017, I have been developing different video games and tools in both Unreal Engine and Unity, some of them launched in platforms such as UE Marketplace and Google Play Store, enhancing my skills as a Game Designer and Team Worker.

Nowadays, I am working at Bohemia Interactive as a Regular Technical Designer, gaining more professional experience.

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My Backstory

Game Designer

Crema (2024 - Present)

Working with the developers of Temtem in a new project from conception to the release.

Specialized in Combat & AI.

Mid Technical Designer

Bohemia Interactive (2023 - 2024)

Worked with the developers of DayZ and Arma. Developed Vigor, a Third-Person Looter Shooter for PS, Xbox One Series S/X and Nintendo Switch.

Tools Development for UE & Unity

UE Marketplace & Unity Asset Store (2022 - Present)

Releasing assets and plugins for the Unreal Engine Marketplace and Unity Asset Store using C++, C# and Blueprints Visual Scripting.

Junior Game Designer

16 Gears (2022)

Howl of Iron stands out for being a Vertical Slice of a Third-Person combat game starring a Mechanical Werewolf.

I worked in a team composed of 6 Game Designers, 5 Artists, 5 Programmers and 1 producer. Specialized in combat and tools for encounters.

Gamification Scholar

Talentos Reunidos (2020 - 2021)

Internship in which I worked as a game designer for online courses.

Junior Game Designer

Gold Pillow Games (2020 - 2021)

Designed the game mechanics of Into the Cave, including the combat, enemies, encounters and skills.

Programmed in Unity the character handling, transitions and interfaces.

Implemented the multiplayer mode by using Photon.


Check out the games I have worked on, from indie projects to AAA franchises!

Project Downbelow



Bohemia Interactive

Howl of Iron

16 Gears

Into the Cave

Gold Pillow Games

Ratchet & Clank UE Prototype

Fan Game

Stigma Protocol

Final Thesis Project

Design skills

Game Design

  • Mechanics and gameplay design

  • Level design, dialogue systems, enemy encounters, and cinematics

  • Menu layout, design and implementation

  • Game Balance & Progression

  • UX Design

  • Combat systems

  • Prototyping

  • Detailed documentation & Mockups

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Pitching to stakeholders

  • Clear and concise visual design documentation


Software & Languages

  • Blueprints Visual Scripting & C++
  • Unity C# (HDRP & URP)
  • Microsoft Office & Google Docs
  • Adobe Photoshop, Premiere & AE
  • Visual Studio, Eclipse, Rider, VS Code
  • Excel & Spreadsheets


  • Unreal Engine 4/5

  • Unity

  • Other

    • GameMaker Studio
    • Phaser 3
    • Android Studio


Demo Reel

Take a quick look at most of my featured projects in a short video demonstration.

Game Developer specialized in Game Design



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My personal blog.

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Awarded Best Game Design at PlayStation Awards

Hi! Great events have happened this month! 😄 Last December 14 the latest project I have worked on as Game Designer, Howl of Iron, gained Best Game Design Award at the PlayStation Awards 2022. This was...

The BIG Conference Experience 2022

Hi! Great events have been happening this month Last November 18-19 I attended the Bilbao International Games Conference to show the world the latest game I’ve been working on, Howl of Iron. This event was full...

Asset showcased in the UE Marketplace

Hello! I have some great news that happened last month. I have been publishing assets on the UE Marketplace since April, and last June 24 I received the following email from Epic Games: So, my asset...

The Door Problem in Game Development

Hello! I’m Germán López, Game Designer, and today we’re going to talk about one of our favorite topics. We are going to talk about Level Design. When you think about a game, many things come to...

Game Designer at Crema

Working with the developers of Temtem.
Game in Development: Project Downbelow

• Designing the combat systems.
• Defining and polishing the player character handling.
• Game balance.

Technical Designer at Bohemia Interactive

Worked with the developers of DayZ and Arma franchise.
Game Developed: Vigor
• Available on: PS4/5, Xbox One Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, Steam

• Worked with Unreal Engine upgrading multiplayer systems.
• Testing & Analytics.
• Data gathering for weapon analytics: Spread, recoil, damage, bullet drop, damage falloff, etc.
• Test maps & tools: Shooting ranges, obstacle courses, etc.
• Prototyped new map events.
• Added new UI elements: Rewards screen, Lobby, Crosshair Configuration, etc.
• Prototyped new game modes and gameplay mechanics.
• Designed & implemented seven premium packs (preview scenes and menus).
• Weapons & Items design + implementation through data-driven systems.
• Shooting range visual icons implementation.
• System documentation.
• Communication between design team and programming department.
• Tools for Level Designers.
• Onboarding and supervising new colleagues in the design department.
• Materials and VFX fixes and optimization for the UI, weapons and items.
• Utility widgets to streamline the team’s workflow.
• PC Port: Fixes and Implementations.
• Bug fixing & Optimization.

Tools Development for UE & Unity

Releasing assets and plugins for the Unreal Engine Marketplace and Unity Asset Store using C++, C# and Blueprints Visual Scripting.

• Developed 3 plugins: Fixed Camera System, Procedural FPS Animations System, Behavior Tree Editor (Unity).

• Developed 4 assets: Custom In Game Console, Graph Dialogue System, Bullet Hell Editor, Weapon FOV & Clipping Fix.

Junior Game Designer at 16 Gears

This project stands out for being a Vertical Slice as a TFM of the Master in Game Design. The project is composed by a team of 6 Game Designers, 5 Artists and 5 Programmers.
Game Developed: Howl of Iron
• Available on: Steam

• Designed and prototyped most of the core mechanics and systems.
• Data-Driven Character System.
• Combat System: This system was implemented by using Gameplay Ability System (GAS): Light and Heavy Attacks (Montages and transition between attacks), Impacts (Camera Shake, Particles, blur), Attack Effects (flyback, pushback, etc.), Magnetism between attacks to get closer to the enemy.
• Custom triggers system: Death, Alert, Custom Event.
• Cutscene system: Triggers, Subtitles, etc.
• Save Game System: Game Instance and Save Game.
• Designed and Implemented the User Interface (UI): Worked pair to pair with programming members, Implemented the main menu, Responsiveness, UX.
• Implemented the tutorial and a Tooltip System to show videos and tips during the match.
• Made multiple Tools for Level Designers & Artists: During the project, as a Technical Designer, I developed multiple tools to enhance productivity of team members.
• Mesh Distribution Tool: This tool allowed level designers and artists to place objects in a faster way.
• Mesh Replacing Tool: This tool allowed the artists to replace the scenario proxies by the final mesh selecting the old one and the new one.
• Custom Trigger Tool: The tool created for all the triggers in the game. Every trigger has a list of listeners and events that are called when a actor overlap it and executes custom functions.
• Successfully pitched the game to different stakeholders.

This game was awarded Best Game Design by PlayStation at PS Awards 2022.

Gamification Scholar at Talentos Reunidos

Intership in which I worked as a game designer for online courses and I was in charge of the maintenance of the website using Wordpress and Elementor.

• Game Design tasks: Game Design, Unity Scripting, Gamification of contents with Genially.
• Web Design tasks: Translation, Audit of online courses, Web audit support.

Junior Game Designer at Gold Pillow Games

Worked on a isometric Rogue-Lite with multiplayer mode.

• Designed the game mechanics, including the weapons, enemies and skills.
• Programmed in Unity the character handling, transitions and interfaces.
• Implemented the multiplayer using Photon Pun 2.

Game developed: Into the Cave
• Available on: (browser)

Was in the top 4 of’s “New and Popular” section during the first month since its release.