Talk at U-tad – University Center for Technology and Digital Art

Hi again! 👋

A few days ago I was invited to U-tad (University Center for Technology and Digital Art) to give a talk about how to stand out in the job search in the video game industry.

This talk target were the students of three masters specialized in video game development:

  • Master’s Degree in Game Design
  • Master’s Degree in Game Programming
  • Master’s Degree in Game Art

During this talk, I explained to them how to design a competitive portfolio, resume, cover letter and social network profile to highlight their talent, motivating them to express themselves in front of a professional game designer by making an impromptu pitch about their current project.

I am very happy for this opportunity and sharing a bit of my knowledge with the next-gen developers. I will try to be there a few more times in the coming years 💪.

Best wishes! 🤗