Vigor is a multiplayer looter shooter set in post-apocalyptic Norway. Explore the Nordic scenery in Encounters, and choose your playstyle – sneaky looter or deadly shooter.

Play Shootout, a fast-paced solo combat, or Elimination, a 5v5 tactical, round based team fight, to challenge other Outlanders.

I worked as Mid Technical Designer prototyping and documenting new features plus being the nexus between the design team and the programming department.


  • Multiplayer Looter Shooter
  • Extraction Shooter elements
  • Third-Person & First-Person
  • Upgradable basement
  • Fully customizable character
  • Customizable weapons


  • Worked with Unreal Engine upgrading multiplayer systems.
  • Testing & Analytics.
    • Data gathering for weapon analytics: Spread, recoil, damage, bullet drop, damage falloff, etc.
    • Test maps & tools: Shooting ranges, obstacle courses, etc.
  • Prototyped new map events.
  • Added new UI elements.
    • Rewards screen
    • Lobby
    • Crosshair Configuration
  • Prototyped new game modes and gameplay mechanics.
  • Designed & implemented seven premium packs (preview scenes and menus).
    • Battle-Hardened Merc
    • Eradication Essentials
    • Annihilation Arsenal
    • Elite Charger Pack
    • Instigator of Doom
    • Civilians Thank Pack
    • Ghost of the North
  • Weapons & Items design + implementation through data-driven systems.
  • Shooting range visual icons implementation.
  • System documentation.
  • Communication between design team and programming department.
  • Landmine placement tools for Level Designers.
  • Onboarding and supervising new colleagues in the design department.
  • The player base has been increased by a 60% since I joined in February, 2023 (±3500 concurrent players VS ±8500 concurrent players).
  • Bug fixing & Optimization.
Weapons Design & Balance

Taiga 21

Weapon design & balance. Shotgun added in Season 17.

  •  Balanced & tested weapon parameters:
    • Damage
    • Spread
    • Recoil
    • Fire speed
    • Ammo
    • Etc.


Weapon design & balance. Assault rifle added in Season 18.

  •  Balanced & tested weapon parameters:
    • Damage
    • Spread
    • Recoil
    • Fire speed
    • Ammo
    • Etc.
Premium Packs
Winner / Loser screen



Note: The features and contributions displayed here are the ones that were already released or are free from NDAs.


  • Studio: Bohemia Interactive
  • Genre: Third Person Looter Shooter
  • Platform: Xbox One/Series S & X, PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch