Into the Cave

Online Multiplayer Rogue-Lite for Browsers (Made with Unity).


The source code from this project is on GitHub.

A mysterious cave has been discovered and it changes everytime anyone goes into it. Will you help our Bobble Knight to reach the end of the cave?

LAUNCH DATE: January 2021

DEVELOPER: Gold Pillow Games

TAGS: Rogue Lite, Adventure, Multiplayer, Procedural, Single Player


Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS






2 months


January, 2021

Team Size: 5


Game Design, 3D animation, gameplay scripting, menus scripting, menus design


Into the Cave is a browser game belonging to the Rogue-Lite genre. The game was developed in Unity in a time span of 2 months and has both single player and cooperative mode for two players, where the objective is to obtain gold by entering a cave composed of different rooms where enemies are generated procedurally.

With the gold, the player can improve their skills, acquire weapons and increase the level of the dungeon, which makes it more dangerous, but in turn, contains better rewards.

Project Design Goals

  • Improve my skills designing mechanics for an Rogue-Lite video game.
  • Improve my scripting skills programming the mechanics, menus and multiplayer (Photon PUN 2 used)
  • Improve my skills animating characters with Blender.

Developed by

  • Germán López Gutiérrez (Me)
  • Jorge Sánchez Sánchez
  • Fernando Martín Espina
  • Ignacio Atance Loras
  • Elvira Gutiérrez Bartolomé

Launch Trailer

The Design of Into the Cave

The Design of Into the Cave – (Spanish)

Detailed Info

Into the Cave was a project made in two months for a University subject. 

A mysterious cave has been discovered and it changes everytime anyone goes into it. Our main character, a curious and quiet bobble knight, is an adventurer who has set out to reach the end of it and reveal all its secrets. Dangerous monsters and hidden treasures awaits! Will you help him to reach the end of the cave?

We managed to get a pretty good result, being able to position us in fourth place in the new and popular section of

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