Explore the Magic Cave and loot EVERYTHING.


Into the Cave is a Isometrical Rogue-Lite with multiplayer elements. The game was developed in Unity and has both single player and cooperative mode for two players.

With the loot, the player can improve their skills, acquire weapons and increase the level of the dungeon, which makes it more dangerous, but in turn, contains better rewards.

I took this opportunity to improve my pitching and design skills, managing a complete development process.


  • Multiplayer Rogue Lite
  • Online Progression
  • Procedural
  • Upgradable basement
  • Fully customizable character
  • Multiple weapons with different playstyles


  • Designed and implemented all the game mechanics and systems, including, among others:
    1. Locomotion and exploration mechanics involving movement, attacks and weapons.
    2. Data-Driven spawn system, involving enemies and items (made by reading CSV files).
    3. Rigging and Animations by using Blender.
    4. Procedural Dungeon Generator.
    5. Game progression between dungeons.
    6. Dialogue System.
    7. New Game+ mode.
    8. Player inventory (Weapons & Items).
    9. Character customization (appearance).
  • Designed and Implemented the Main Menu and UI.
    1. Multiplayer, Settings and Credits menu.
    2. Healthbars, damage information and alerts.
  • Implemented multiplayer mode with Photon Pun 2.
    1. Online save data.
    2. Fully playable dungeon with a companion.
  • Successfully pitched the game to different stakeholders.


  • Studio: Gold Pillow Games
  • Genre: Rogue-Lite
  • Platform: PC, Mobile
  • Duration: November 2020 – January 2021
  • Team Size: 5
  • Engine & Tools used: Unity, Blender
  • Awards & Recognition: The game was positioned in fourth place in the New & Popular section of