Enjoy this arcade experience jumping from box to box and getting the higher height.

Overjumper is an arcade game developed in 1 month where the player has to jump from box to box in order not to fall down and loose. Your higher score is saved and shown in the main menu.

Into the Cave

Into the Cave is a browser game belonging to the Rogue-Lite genre. The game was developed in Unity in a time span of 2 months and has both single player and coop mode for two players, where the objective is to obtain gold by entering a cave composed of different rooms generated procedurally.

Cathartic Future

This project was an internship for the 3D Animation course at the University Rey Juan Carlos, studied in 3rd grade.

This practice consisted in making a complete project using the tools Unity and 3DsMax, where all the animations and models had to be made in the latter.


Triangles.exe is an arcade adventure game prototype made in 48 hours.

You play as a triangle that must destroy all enemies on the stage in order to advance to next stage, doing that to reach the end of the game.


4LP4K is an arcade game made for the Texel Jam. It was developed in Unity, and the main objective was to give a fun experience with a short game where the player controls an alpaca that fires a blaster gun flying through the space.

Revenge .44

A 3D game developed in one week for a game jam in order to improve and show our 3D and 2D skills.

My partner and me managed to get a pretty good result, obtaining the prize for best game of the URJam.