Assets & Tools

All the content I have published for Unreal Engine and Unity.


Some of the assets found in this section are no longer purchasable on UE Marketplace because they are currently available for free on GitHub. The source code of the assets under development are neither available until its launch.


Graph Dialogue System

Create your own Dialogues and Events by customizing Graphs.

This Graph Dialogue System includes several Tasks and Functions that allow you to create dialogues with multiple choices and events. 

Procedural FPS Animations

Add procedural animations to your FPS by using Curves.

This tool allows you to create several animations for a First Person Shooter by editing Unreal Engine Curves. It also includes data based weapon sway.

Custom In Game Console

Create your custom commands easily and let user call them even in a Release Build with this new feature.

This Custom Console includes several Tasks and Functions that allow you to create your own commands.

Weapon FOV & Clipping FIX

Fix the most common FPS problems in an easy way.

This asset allows you to fix the most common problem in FPS projects: Clipping and FOV. It includes customized Material Functions that allows you to fix every mesh material in a First Person Shooter.

Bullet Hell Editor

Create your own Levels, Bullets and Enemies by using customized Data Tables, Structures, Behavior Trees, etc.

Use Data-Driven Workflow in order to create your own game.


Behavior Tree Editor

An Unity System ⚙ to create your own AI by customizing Behavior Tree Graphs 👩‍💻

This Behavior Tree System includes several Tasks and Functions that allow you to create complex patrols and debug it during play-time.